* 100% Local Tourist Guide
* Safety equipment

* Bottles of water
*Tropical fruits
* Induction Talk
* Water resistant bags
** Organization of the tour
**First aid kit

$ 100 PER PERSON (minimum 2 pax)

​      Matapalo Tour !! Birding, Forest, beach and waterfall  

  This walk is for those travelers who wants to spend a relaxing day into the beach and the nature, for a low cost!! 
Our day begins taking the Colectivo, at 6:00am to Matapalo, once there, both, you and the guide, will search for many kinds of birds in a early birding hike, in the forest along the road, where monkeys, sloths, tamanduas, morfos butterflies, squirrels, insects, snakes,usually shows up, then... lets put our sandals and go to the beach, after swim and take a sunbathe, we will enjoy some tropicals fruits, finally take the way to a beautiful waterfall to wash out the salt water ! 

finally walk back to take the taxy in the afternoon to get back to Puerto Jimenez around 2:00 pm
Difficulty: Easy

Included: (Minimum 2 Pax)

* Guide Service 100% Local
* Transport Puerto Jimenez - Matapalo (by the Colectivo)
* Transport Matapalo - Puerto Jimenez (by taxy)
** Telescope / binoculars
** Tour Organization
** A tropical fruit
**First aid kit
** Bicycles for free use in Puerto Jimenez

---- PRICE $ 65 PER PERSON (minimum 2 pax)

Take a ride from Puerto Jimenez to Sandalo town, the first immersion (depending on tide) will be in Sandalo reef, then the paddle to Puerto Jimenez will start, along the day we’ll stop and snorkel & swim in a couple of great spots.You'll have great views of the inner part of Golfo Dulce. 

Here, you will find some of the most spectacular sea life from tiny reef fish to large manta rays, and have a shoreline tropical style lunch, then paddle back till reaching Puerto Jimenez.
The stunning sea-life, reefs and colorful panorama are here just waiting to be discovered.

Difficulty: Medium