Corcovado National Park is one of the areas most wild remaining in Costa Rica, where you can observe animals in their state more natural and one of the few remaining primary forests, the difference between a tour in Corcovado and a GOOD tour is depending on the guide!

Jaguar Corcovado Tours is a family company run by professional, reliable and qualified tour guides, who are born and raised in this wonderful paradise, and lived here almost their entire life.
We will be more than happy to take you to the same places where we played as kids. where culture,activities like: kayaking, zip linning, horse back riding, birding, night tours, whales and dolphings tours, walking, turtles nesting, river crossings, rustic bridges, will combines with the nature explorations.

 We are connoisseurs in the area, the plants and animals present and now with a very good equipment for wildlife spotting, offering you an unique experience and the feeling of being in the real jungle !!



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